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China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation Co.,Ltd.(formerly Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Factory)founded in1922,which is the first machinery continuously made glass manufacturer in China even Far East.It was honored as "the Cradle of China Glass Industry".

Yaohua has solid technical,brand,talent and market advantages.Over the years,Yaohua takes State-level R&D Center and post-doctoral research station as platform and independently developed online Low-E glass,self-cleaning glass,borosilicate glass,aluminosilicate glass,fused silica glass and a number of other domestic leading,international advanced new products.

Corporate Culture

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Value?core : innovate performance and harmonious responsibility

Core concept: make good use of resources and services to build

Code of conduct: awe, gratitude and humility

Cultural concept: enterprise is a human enterprise by human enterprise to let employees and enterprises grow together

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